This is not the first person that I have heard of that reversed diabetes by eating potatoes. There are so many misconceptions about potatoes. There is much more to nutritionally packed potatoes than just calories.  They have 2.5 grams of dietary fiber per potato.  That translates into 50 grams for an active man and 37 grams for an active woman.  The average American eats about 10 grams of dietary fiber daily.  Ideally people on a healthy diet would eat 30 to 100 grams of fiber a day.  Potatoes are very high in vitamin C, most B vitamins, potassium and other minerals.  Just as important are the recognized health hazards you are avoiding with potatoes — like sodium, cholesterol, and fat.  Of the calories from potatoes, only 1% comes from fat, and these few fats are mostly the kind that we need, called essential fats. Weight loss hypnosis can help you make the changes to manage your blood sugar and lose weight.

How I Reversed My Diabetes Eating Potatoes

In one week on this new way of eating and exercising I was able to kick all of my medications, lose 3 pounds, and begin a journey of self-healing. My total cholesterol dropped from 185 to 124. My fasting blood sugar went from 250 down to 110. I suffered from nightly heartburn that required me to take 3-4 tums a night just to sleep. This was also completely reversed with the elimination of dairy products.

As a type 2 diabetic I was counseled to stay away from potatoes, pasta, rice, wheat and other forms of carbohydrate. What I have learned is that if I choose “whole” unprocessed versions of these items and cook them without added fats my body and my blood love me for it!

That being said you will notice that my meals are all centered on starchy foods. They keep me full, give me energy, and quite frankly are so satisfying to my pallet that I never feel deprived. I start each day with hot or cold cereal and hashbrowns. Almost every day I eat hashbrowns. Does that sound like a diet to you? I eat a lot of soup, beans, potatoes, corn, rye bavarian bread, homemade veggie burgers, polenta with greens and beans, enchiladas, tacos, and burritos. The list goes on. I don’t eat a lot of tofu and soy as it is generally pretty high in fat and calories. I don’t eat the isolated soy protein products because while most are low in fat they are some of the most industrially processed foods on the market.

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