Rewiring your emotions with mindful self hypnosisUsing mindful self hypnosis you can rewire your thoughts and emotions and change your behavior. Mindfulness provides the space and opportunity to be in this moment so that you can observe your thoughts and emotions and then make changes that are best for you, now. Instead of living in the past or in the future be in this moment so you can observe your thoughts and feelings with the objectivity of a disinterested, nonjudgmental witness. From here you can course corrections drawing from your wisdom and inner-strength. Learn self hypnosis and rewire your thoughts and emotions.

Rewiring Your Emotions

Neurally inspired therapy to increase emotional resilience, then, strengthens the left PFC so it sends stronger, longer-lasting inhibitory signals to the amygdalae. One way to do this, Davidson says, is mindfulness meditation, in which you observe your thoughts and feelings with the objectivity of a disinterested, nonjudgmental witness. This form of mental training gives you “the wherewithal to pause, observe how easily the mind can exaggerate the severity of a setback, note that it as an interesting mental process, and resist getting drawn into the abyss,” he told me. As a result, you create stronger connections between the PFC and the amygdalae, and thus fewer persistent feelings of anger, sadness, and the like after an emotional downer.

Another way to strengthen the circuitry that supports emotional resilience is through cognitive reappraisal training, in which you challenge the accuracy of catastrophizing thoughts (“I am days behind in my work; I’m going to get fired”). This “directly engages the prefrontal cortex,” Davidson says, “resulting in increased prefrontal inhibition of the amygdalae.”

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Every emotion you experience can bring you greater self-awareness. All of your emotions are good. They are like the lights on the dashboard of your car. They provide you feedback about your experience. When experiencing an emotion you have a choice; you can stay stuck in the emotion or acknowledge and take action to move through it.

Learn mindful self hypnosis so that you can acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, rewire them and move through them.

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Every emotion I experience brings me great self-awareness.

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