I’m doing lots of research right now preparing for a 2 day seminar that my friend Melissa Roth, PhD and I are giving at the Hypno Expo 2008 in Daytona Beach, Florida, May 14 & 15, on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hypnosis. Both of us have been developing protocols for using hypnotherapy to recover from rheumatoid arthritis.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

You’ve been diagnosed with arthritis and whether you were expecting it or not, its devastating. Learning you Have a chronic illness of any sort could send your emotions into a spiral of anger and depression.

Many arthritis experts say that a classic symptom that accompanies arthritis is depression, which may manifest itself as feelings of helplessness and being alone, feelings of a lack of meaning in life, mood swings, problems sleeping and lack of appetite.

The depression that many of those newly diagnosed with arthritis feel may be associated with the sense of losing the future that they had been planning and the realization that life plans may now have changed.

It is fairly common for those diagnosed with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis to fear the future, for example, having to face up to life in a wheelchair and imagining how that may impact upon family life or career.

In some cases, people who have been newly diagnosed may have a fear of the medications they have to take and what impact they will have on their lives.

Every chronic illness involves loss: in the case of arthritis, the loss of activities we once enjoyed, or our self-image. We often feel we are who we are because of the things we do and can do. This image of ourselves now has to change and, often, we don’t know to what, or how to go about it.

Many people find that talking to someone who has been through similar fears and has similar experience with arthritis can help. Local arthritis support groups may be able to help.

Dealing with my own rheumatoid arthritis, hypnosis and diet have proven to be effective. By avoiding dairy fat and protein and minimizing foods like corn, I have minimized arthritis inflammation and pain and I get to ride my bike!

Using self hypnosis I focus my thoughts on my body, healing and directing my immune system for wellness. Hypnotherapy allows me to reduce the stress that I experience and manage my emotions, both of which directly impact rheumatoid arthritis.

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