Did you know that if you eat the right food it can clear that morning fog? Eating fiber for dinner has an extended effect in the body even through a night’s sleep and breakfast because of the way it breaks down in the large intestine and you will feel more clearheaded in the mornings. Since 1997 the Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ has been encouraging high fiber meals that according to clients have resulted in long-lasting weight loss, increased energy, mental clarity and overall health improvement. Discover hypnosis weight loss.

In a Seattle PI article by Bob Condor on February 22, 2009, writes that feeling alert in the morning doesn’t start with your morning coffee or even getting a good night’s sleep. Where it begins is the previous night at dinner.

Research suggests that eating a meal with high fiber content will curb a feeling of hunger in the hours following a morning meal. This Danish study showed that among volunteer subjects who ate the same breakfast, those who consumed 10 grams of fiber during the previous night’s dinner were significantly less inclined to search out office doughnuts, candy or other junk food before lunch than subjects who ate low-fiber dinners.

So clear the morning fog with the right foods at night, such as vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit. You can increase fiber content and reduce calories in one move that will pay off in a better tomorrow.

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