In Ripple Effect, Okka Holthuis writes about the impact that our words have in life. With hypnosis, we use words to enhance that impact for change. Remember a time when you dropped a pebble into a pool of water and how the water flowed in ripples on the surface. That pebble impacted more than just where it fell. That is how it is with our words. Your words not only impact you and every cell of your body. Your words impact the universe around you.

Ripple Effect

Perhaps you can imagine the words we speak and thoughts we think, as ripples appearing in a pond when a stone is thrown. At first the ripples are visible. The further out they go the less noticeable for our eyes they become. We might not be able to notice at all that once the ripples reach the shore, they will return to the place of origin, nor can we see that the stone causes ripples all the way down to the ground.

By imagining our words and thoughts as ripples of energy, affecting all that is in our pond – the universe – returning back to us at some point, we might be able to fathom the impact our words and thoughts have.

Read Ripple Effect by Okka Holthuis.

As a hypnotherapist I know that the words we use effect every cell of our body and can create change. Frequently clients will tell me that making a change such as stopping smoking will be hard or difficult. Really? How hard or how difficult does it have to be? Can change be easy? Would it be OK if it is easy? Hypnosis can help you to allow change to be easy.

When the ripples are flowing on the surface of life, self-hypnosis can allow you to change your words, your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviors. Hypnosis can allow calm beneath the surface.

Hear Okka Holthuis and Roger Moore on Hypnosis Health Radio: Show #23:  Healing From Within – October 7, 2008.

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