Hypnosis-Health-RadioRoger Moore on “A message to my sister” ~ Blogtalkradio: I recently had the privilege and fun of being interviewed on “A message to my sister“, a radio show where women from all of the world can call in to discuss their fight and victory over Breast Cancer and how it has affected the Friends and Families. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to share about the many benefits of medical hypnosis and how you can use self hypnosis to improve your health.

Message to my Sister: I’ve Got a Testimony

A Message to my Sister: Talk Blog Show. A new, innovative blog talk radio show captivating audiences every Thursday from 7-8pm. Mrs. Victorianne Russel-Walton and Dr. Lenore Coleman provide an upbeat forum for Breast Cancer Survivors; dealing with health disparities, resources, and community issues. The HOST of the show – Victorianne Russell is a breast cancer survivor. For more information about Ms. Russell go to www.tlc-global.org

Listen to the interview with Roger Moore

Visit Message to my Sister: I’ve Got a Testimony

I love to share that medical hypnosis is a science increasingly recognized for its therapeutic applications. Medical hypnosis offers unique possibilities due to its capacities for enhancing mind to body communication. Medical hypnosis offers clients the ability to attain beneficial change even in difficult cases. When used in cooperation with traditional Western medicine treatments, as part of an overall approach to promote well being, hypnosis can help people help themselves. Sharing this makes me happy!

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