Thanks to Dr. John McDougall, M.D., my life changed. I used to weigh about 110 pounds more than I do now. Using the eating strategy of Dr. John McDougall of the McDougall Wellness Center along with weight loss hypnosis and exercise, I lost the weight 14 years ago and have kept it off. In my book, Becoming Slender For Life I show you how you can successfully lose weight through hypnosis for weight loss. You too can lose weight and make positive changes in your life with the Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™.

Prior to 14 years ago, I was overweight all my life. Yes, I could diet, but the moment the diet ended the weight came back on – and usually with friends. Diets don’t work! My daughter-in-law, who is a chiropractor,  suggested that we do a dietary cleanse and that we use the McDougall Program for 6 weeks.

With much prodding, I did it with my wife. We both felt better and had more energy. And, I lost weight! But, because we were dieting, once the cleanse was over, It was off to Ruby’s for a hamburger, fries and one of their large chocolate marshmallow malts. So, of course all the weight came back.

Then I used hypnosis for weight loss along with Dr. John McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss Program. I started releasing weight, began exercising and have kept the weight off ever since. Now, rather than food controlling me – I am in control of what I eat thanks to weight loss hypnosis.

Dr. John McDougall‘s eating strategy is safe and healthy and is based on how healthy cultures have lived throughout history. Dr. McDougall recommends a plant based eating plan that is actually easy to follow and tastes great. No supplements, no packaged meals – it’s REAL food from your grocery store and garden.

I see so many men my age that are fat, have diabetes, high blood pressure, can’t be physically active and look at least 10 years older than me. But since I started eating McDougall style, my blood pressure and heart rate are that of a 20 year-old and I am rarely sick. As a grandfather of 5, it feels really great to think nothing of a 20 mile fast-paced bike ride and I look forward to 100 mile plus bike rides this summer.

You too can make positive changes with hypnosis in your life. My book Becoming Slender For Life uses the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss teachings as it’s core for healthy eating and weight loss. Every Slender For Life™ client get the Total health Solution DVD as part of their program.

Check out Slender For Life™ and call for your free consultation and be sure to visit the McDougall Health and Medical Center. So, thanks Dr. McDougall, not only did you change my life, you probably saved my life.

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