Can you believe it? Sales of Spam — that much maligned meat — are rising as consumers are turning more to lunch meats and other lower-cost foods to extend their already stretched food budgets.

What was once cheeky, silly and the subject of a musical (as Monty Python mocked the meat in a can), is now back on the table as people turn to the once-snubbed meat as costs rise, analysts say.

I remember my surprise when I first moving to Maui and hearing about the Spam Bake-Off. I have eaten Spam a few times in my life and I always thought it was nasty!

What is great about living on vegetables, whole-grains and fruits is that it is relatively cheap. I buy 25# bags of brown rice and I buy our other grains in the bulk food section of the store. The organic fruit and vegetables cost more that I’d like, but still in comparison to beef, poultry, fish and pork, it’s not that bad. We use all our left-overs and and buy what we can on sale.

Using hypnosis is an easy way for you to change your eating habits and your food preferences. The Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to manage your eating.  Watch Light Switch Self Hypnosis and find out how easy it is. You can also watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, Written Suggestions and  Orange Blossom.

Years ago when we lived on Maui we had a “TackyHalloween party. Everyone wore tacky clothes a brought tacky food. There were jello molds, lunch-meat spread sandwiches on Wonder Bread, Velveeta cheese pu-pus and green-eggs and Spam! We had a blast! Do you have any Spam stories to share?

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I love my vegetables and whole grains! 

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