For years I have said that saying “no” to your doctor can save your life. I think that John McDougall, MD , is right on with this one. To this day I still get shocked when I hear clients tell me about the visits to their MD from a simple cold to an ache or pain due to overexertion. What I really hear is that people just want a quick fix, a pill, to hurry along natural healing processes. Here is what I do know: Healthy eating, exercise and hypnosis can help you be healthy, stay healthy and recover quickly from illness and injury. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all suggesting that you never go to your doctor or that you never follow your doctors advice. I’m just saying that it’s time to reform healthcare by each of us taking responsibility for our own health. Self hypnosis can  help you make the lifestyle changes that allow you to improve your health.

One Word Can Save Your Life: No!

Newsweek, August 14, 2011: That less health care can lead to better health and, conversely, that more health care can harm health, runs counter to most patients’ conviction that screenings and treatments are inherently beneficial. That belief is fueled by the flood of new technologies and drugs that have reached the market in the past two or three decades, promising to prevent disease and extend life. Most of us wouldn’t think twice if our doctor offered a test that has the power to expose a lurking tumor, or a clogged artery, or a heart arrhythmia. Better to know—and get treated—than to take any risks, the reasoning goes.

In fact, for many otherwise healthy people, tests often lead to more tests, which can lead to interventions based on a possible problem that may have gone away on its own or ultimately proved harmless. Patients can easily be fooled when a screening test detects, or an intervention treats, an abnormality, and their health improves, says cardiologist Michael Lauer of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. In fact, says Lauer, that abnormality may not have been the cause of the problem or a threat to future health: “All you’ve done is misclassify someone with no disease as having disease.”

Many doctors don’t seem to be getting the message about useless and harmful health care. Medicare pays them more than $100 million a year for screening colonoscopies; some 40 percent are for people in whom they will almost certainly harm more than help. Arthroscopic knee surgery for osteoarthritis is performed about 650,000 times a year; studies show that it, too, is no more effective than placebo treatment, yet taxpayers and private insurers pay for it. And although several large studies, including the Occluded Artery Trial in 2006, have shown that inserting a stent to prop open a blocked artery more than 24 hours after a heart attack does not improve survival rates or reduce the risk of another coronary compared with drugs alone, the practice continues at a rate of 100,000 such procedures a year, estimate researchers led by Dr. Judith Hochman, a cardiologist at New York University. “We’re killing more people than we’re saving with these procedures,” says UT’s Goodwin. “It’s as simple as that.”

Read One Word Can Save Your Life: No!

Self hypnosis can help you make the mental and emotional changes that allow you to change your behaviors to improve your health. Learn hypnosis and change your eating habits. Hypnotherapy can help you become more physically active. Use hypnosis and start saying “YES” to your own healthcare. As a nation we cannot absolutely afford our current healthcare system. We must reform healthcare. And, as I have said many times before, healthcare reform begins with each of us being responsible for our own health. Eat plant-based food, exercise and use self-hypnosis. Just say “YES” to your health!

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