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The question mark at the end of School Is Out For Summer, Or Is It? is appropriate on so many levels, especially here in North America. It is ironic that this is the article of the week from the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library when some schools have already started and here on Bainbridge Island ours will be starting soon. One of the reasons that I keep saying that we should be teaching our preschoolers and kindergarteners hypnosis is that the school of life is never out. Self-hypnosis is a tool that kids of any age can use for academics and sports performance and it is a tool to be used throughout life for relationships. career opportunities and health and wellness. Learn hypnosis and be an active student in the school of life. 

School Is Out For Summer, Or Is It?

By Bonnie Miller, C.Ht.

The school of life is never out for summer…we are constantly learning and growing whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Through our senses and experiences we are adjusting and conforming to our environment. As children, we looked forward to summertime, the time we were free…free from the confines and structure of the classroom and liberated to play independently all summer.

Read School Is Out For Summer, Or Is It?

From my experience, most people are living as victims rather than active participants in the school of life. You can easily learn hypnosis and be an active participant in the school of life. It is a choice we each make. So, how about you? are you ready to put hypnosis to work for you so that you can actively participate in the school of life?

Never stop learning. Begin today to draw from your infinite resources in your mind, bringing back that awesome, powerful, and creative person, add the wisdom you have gain throughout the years and continue to grow and learn.

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I draw from my infinite resources in my mind.

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