Science-based benefits of controlled breathing

Even though I’ve taught mindfulness breathing for a long time now, I am always excited to find more information on the science-based benefits of controlled breathing.

The evidence is that controlling your breath calms your brain, regulates your blood pressure, controls emotions, influences how well you remember and boosts your immune system.

Next time you are stressed, experiencing emotional upset your know that your blood pressure is rising or having difficulty remembering, BREATHE! Breathe slowing and mindfully.

Here at Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I teach you quick and easy to use mindfulness techniques to help you breath easy and relax.

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Science-based benefits of controlled breathing

Learn to breathe and relax with Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is a classic relaxation audio file (MP3) and is used in medical settings before, during and after surgeries. This free resource has been downloaded by thousands of people around the world for stress reduction and pain control.

How Breathing Calms Your Brain, And Other Science-Based Benefits Of Controlled Breathing

Forbes, by David DiSalvo, November 29, 2017: “The science of breathing stands on quite ancient foundations. Centuries of wisdom instructs us to pay closer attention to our breathing, the most basic of things we do each day. And yet, maybe because breathing is so basic, it’s also easy to ignore. A brief review of the latest science on breathing and the brain, and overall health, serves as a reminder that breathing deserves much closer attention – there’s more going on with each breath than we realize.”

Read How Breathing Calms Your Brain, And Other Science-Based Benefits Of Controlled Breathing

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Each in breath is a new beginning, each out breath is a letting go.

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