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As a hypnotherapist, I naturally get excited when I come across articles in publications like The Washington Times that reports that science says “yes” hypnosis works! I have been certified in hypnotherapy for 17 years and I have practiced hypnosis and taught self hypnosis for more years than that. So I know from first hand experience that hypnosis works. Most of my hypnosis experience in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island is focused on medical hypnosis which includes weight loss, pain control, cancer, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and stress reduction. I also frequently use hypnosis in relationship counseling and on occasion for sports performance. Learn self hypnosis and put this powerful, effective therapeutic technique to work for you for a wide variety of conditions.

Does hypnotherapy work?
Science says “YES!”

The Washington Times, April 28, 2013, by Paul Mountjoy: “Hypnosis seems helpful in treating addictions and the depression and anxiety associated with them”- Psychology Today

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been rooted in science with evidence based results reported for many years. Although the American Medical Association (AMA) currently has no clear position on the effectiveness of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, in 1958, the AMA reported hypnotherapy has a recognized place in the medical armamentarium and is a useful technique in the treatment of certain illnesses.

Hypnotherapy is considered an effective adjunct in psychotherapy for many issues, and more are being studied. On its own, hypnotherapy is reported to be beneficial: In 2001, the British Psychological Society commissioned a group of expert psychologists and published a report that declared hypnosis a proven therapeutic medium and valid for study.

The report went on to say hypnotherapy is beneficial for a wide range of issues encountered in medicine, psychology and psychiatry with regard to stress, anxiety, pain, and psychosomatic illnesses. Some illnesses described are insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and migraines, asthma and a variety of skin maladies. Weight reduction was also cited as benefiting from hypnotherapy.

A comparison study reported in 2007 by American Health Magazine indicates some psychological issues benefit more from hypnotherapy than psychoanalysis and behavior therapy. A German university meta-analysis of 444 studies supported this claim, concluding a 64 percent success rate with hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

According to Sanjay Paul, A psychology instructor at several universities, hypnosis is a heightened sense of suggestibility for accessing the subconscious mind which is responsible for up to 90 to 95 percent of our thoughts and actions. No one can be made to do anything they do not wish to under hypnosis. That old, inaccurate reputation stems from night club acts.

Paul goes on to say hypnosis can provide lasting change by “cleaning the bottom of the mental fish tank” and it is the sub-conscious that helps to maintain ones self-image and record all memory via sensor input as a 24 hour mental tape recorder.

The American Psychology Association (APA) website has declared most clinicians now agree hypnotherapy can be a powerful, effective therapeutic technique for a wide variety of conditions.

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The use of hypnosis was approved for medical purposes  in 1958, and is now being taught at major universities and respected learning institutions across the country. Hypnosis has proven applications in medicine, dentistry, psychology, obstetrics, counseling, law enforcement, habit management, pain control and in virtually every area of education. Major hospitals are now including hypnotherapists on their staffs. Self hypnosis can help your body’s urge to heal.

It is always great to have more validation that hypnosis works!

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