The Seattle Hypnosis office of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC celebrates Valentine’s Day by wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, validation and kindness – just because you are you. Make this Valentine’s Day a day of positive changes and find out how conversational hypnosis can help your relationship. A healthy relationship begins with a healthy relationship with yourself so learn how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis and be sure to get your free hypnosis MP3 download.

I t is Valentine’s Day and on February 12, I quoted Frankie Pérez in LOVE TODAY and I am continuing my Valentine’s series by quoting more from Frankie’s article The Little Things:

SHOW & TELL – Some people respond more to words, others to touch, or a look, or to the things their partner does for them.  Find out what works for your partner.  Let them know you love them with the sweet things you say and the kind things you do.  Show them you treasure them by connecting through touch: a sweet caress, a warm hug, or a soft kiss.

LAUGHTER – It is true, laughter is the best medicine.  Every day find something that makes you both laugh.  It is important to have fun and be friends with your partner.  Avoid getting stuck in the rut of being too serious with each other all the time.  Have fun and re-connect to the childlike excitement of being playful with each other.  Remember that it is next to impossible to laugh and be mad at the same time.

VALIDATION, APPRECIATION, & GRATITUDE – Be a right finder, not a fault finder.  Every day look for something to appreciate or validate your partner for.  Do not let a positive thought go unexpressed; tell your partner what you value about them.  What we pay attention to expands.  If we are paying attention to each other’s faults, that will be our reality.  If we shift to pay attention to each other’s positive traits that too will expand—this is the Law of Attraction.  Look for the things about your relationship to feel grateful for.  Say “thank you” for all the wonderful things they do.

KINDNESS – Nothing kills relationship faster than criticism, harshness, and unkindness.  Every word, every touch, every action, communicates kindness and love, or disapproval and contempt.  Be kind.  Whether you need to express a positive or a negative feeling do so with great care to not hurt one another.

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I communicate love and kindness with every word, every touch and every action.

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