At Seattle hypnosis I know that our health care system needs a fix and Jeff Novick has the real solution. Learn about hypnosis treatment here at Hypnosis Health Info and find the positive changes that are available to you with hypnosis healing. With self-hypnosis you can take personal responsibility for your health care. Get your hypnosis download and hypnosis MP3 now.

Everybody is trying to fix the US health care system and the reality is, there may not be a fix. But you can take responsibility for your health and wellness. There is no health care system out there that can decide what you put in your mouth, how active you are and whether or not you practice meditation and self-hypnosis. There is no system that forces you in interact with your family or regulates your level of intimacy with people around you.

True prevention is not part of the health care system. True prevention would mean that when you are checked by a health care provider there is no diagnosis because you are healthy. You are solely responsible for the food you eat, the activity that you engage in and the way that you interact with those around you.

A true health care system would give people the information they needed to empower them to take care of themselves in a wholeistic way. The health care system then would be used for true medical emergencies.

At Seattle hypnosis you learn the hypnosis treatment tools that empower you to master your thoughts, emotions and behaviors – putting in control of your health care. Discover hypnosis healing for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, (FMS), rheumatoid arthritis, recovery from cancer, stress reduction, non-organic male impotence, menopause and more.

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I manage my health and wellness.

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