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Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore is on the move, again. That’s right, the Seattle office is moving from it’s current home just down the hall to Suite 1532, in the the Medical Dental Building at 509 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101.

I first moved into the Medical Dental Building and shared space with City Chiropractic in January 1997. (That’s over 19 years ago!) In September 1999, I moved to the 14th floor and then in 2010 moved to the 15th floor.

Each move was the perfect move at that time, and then things change. So why am I moving now? My office mate Jackie Terry is retiring and the lease on my current office expires on May 31. Dr. Victoria Lee in Suite 1532 as been a neighbor and colleague for many years and has been looking for someone to share her office.

It started with a hallway conversation and now here we are, several months later actually making it happen. The move occurs today and tomorrow. So starting Wednesday, May 25, all Seattle sessions will be in the new office, Suite 1532.

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Exciting and Stressful

As exciting as this move is, it is also stressful. It’s a good thing, it’s a great thing. So, why is it stressful? Because there are 19 years of drawers and shelves to clean out and throw away. Thank goodness the Bainbridge Rotary Auction is right around the corner!

It’s stressful because I am dependent on the person that I’ve never met, yet I’ve hired him to help me with the move. It’s stressful because somethings from the old office have to fit into the new office that is already furnished. A file cabinet from Bainbridge is going to Seattle, two file cabinets in Seattle or coming back to Bainbridge – one to the Bainbridge office and one to home. A file cabinet in my home office is going upstairs to my wife’s office and hers is going the Rotary auction. It’s just so many moving parts. What could go wrong?!

It would be really easy to stress and freakout over all the moving parts and ferry lines. But the reality is, it will be what it will be. There is a plan in place, but…..!

I am so grateful for the self-hypnosis, the Greatest Expression of Self, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques that are available to me. After all, no one will be reading about this 100 years from now.

My job this weekend is to breathe, relax and let go. And Oh, Ya …. to move furniture and boxes.

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