Here is what superb sleepers doAt Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I often teach people the skills that superb use to sleep soundly and restfully through the night. Living with insomnia and sleep deprivation can be devastating and even dangerous.  Hypnosis for sleep has been proven to be a powerful and effective tool for becoming a superb sleepers. Hypnosis can help you to fall quickly into a deep, sound and restorative sleep so that you awaken rested, energized and excited about the new day.

10 Features of Superb Sleepers

HuffPost Healthy Living, by Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., November 16, 2014: As a sleep specialist, I’ve learned as much about healing sleep from superb sleepers as I have from those struggling with sleep. Improving our sleep health is not just about avoiding dysfunctional sleep patterns and habits; it’s also about re-envisioning ourselves as superb sleepers. My observations have taught me that truly great sleepers share a number of important sleep enhancing attitudes and characteristics:

  1. Superb sleepers welcome their dreams, even the challenging ones.
  2. Superb sleepers typically awaken without an alarm.
  3. Superb sleepers have an intuitive regard for routines and rhythms.
  4. Superb sleepers are accepting of periodic nighttime wakefulness.
  5. Superb sleepers have good “sleep self-efficacy,” that is, faith in their own ability to sleep.
  6. Superb sleepers know how to truly let go.
  7. Superb sleepers have a direct sense of sleep.
  8. Superb sleepers are on good terms with themselves.
  9. Superb sleepers don’t fight occasional daytime sleepiness.
  10. Superb sleepers love sleep!

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Are you struggling with sleep, living with insomnia or waking up in the morning exhausted?  Sleep hypnosis may be able to help you. In addition to hypnosis for sleep, I can teach you a variety of powerful sleep tools to help you have restorative sleep. My Sleep, Sleep, Sleep hypnosis MP3 is used by people around the world to help them to be superb sleepers.

If you live too far from Puget Sound, the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office is available for you.

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