The Seattle hypnosis and Seattle weight loss offices of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC and Slender For Life™ have moved on up to the east side of the Medical Dental Building. After more than 10 years in our old offices it was time to move. We are now located in Suite 1558.

Positive changes do happen and this move has been a long time coming –  it’s a great thing! Back in 1999 when I moved into the old office in the Medical Dental Building, Slender For Life™ was a much larger operation with several employees doing much of the client sessions. My job was supervising employees. I hated it! I left a large not-for-profit agency because I wanted to be with clients, not supervise employees and here I was again supervising employees. I began downsizing and soon realized that I was happier, my clients were happier. I also noticed that weight loss clients had greater success as did my other clients.

So, for a number of years now, much of the old space went unused or underused. The new owners of the Medical Dental Building tripled the rent which made staying in the old space cost prohibitive. I am grateful to the new owners for their willingness to work with Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC and make the new space possible.

My promise and commitment to you is that you will continue to receive quality services for counseling, weight loss and other health and wellness opportunities using hypnotherapy.

I am proud that Slender For Life™ has been offering weight loss hypnosis since 1990 and this same tradition of quality hypnosis for weight loss will continue for years to come.

Of course, you can continue with Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC and Slender For Life™ at my Bainbridge Island hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss office as well as in Forks, WA.

If you are ready to lose weight and live in the Seattle area, then be sure to take advantage of the no-charge and no-obligation consultation that I offer at  Seattle weight loss. Be sure to visit Seattle hypnosis if you are wanting to stop smoking, manage stress, dealing with chronic pain, recovering from cancer, suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, or afflicted with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis.

Change can be good. Make positive changes in your life by checking out Seattle hypnosis, Seattle weight loss and  Slender For Life™ and of course Bainbridge Island hypnosis. Call (206) 903-1232 or email for your free consultation.

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I embrace change.

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