Seattle Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Seattle Hypnosis for Weight Loss with Roger Moore really does work on many levels. You can: lose weight and keep it off, develop healthy eating habits, learn to control stress. And, you can learn mindfulness which will help to to recognize when you are hungry and to stop eating when you have eaten enough.

There are so many other benefits to weight loss hypnosis. Frequently, my Slender For Life™ clients tell me that in as little as 2 weeks their blood sugar levels are within normal health range. Others tell me that their blood pressure is in healthy limits. And some tell me that they are having less (or even no) rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Your own results may be different. Some people may make little or no change with hypnosis. Why? It does take effort to make change (in any system) and it just won’t happen if you do not learn and apply the tools. Worse, some people never even complete the training and sessions and therefore never see any results. It is very much like buying a gym membership. You still have to show up to do the work.

One of the many reasons why I so fully believe in my hypnosis weight loss program is that I lost 115 pounds 20 years ago and I’ve kept it off. Since 1990 Slender For Life™ has helped hundreds of people to lose weight, keep it off and improve their health.

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Weight loss testimonials

Here are a few quotes from Slender For Life™ clients:

  • “I like seeing myself thin and get pleasure from it.”
  • “Food no longer controls me.”
  • “Everything has changed. My relationship with myself is the biggest change. I’m finding so much about myself that is special and am learning to love myself, weight and all, with the gift of knowing that the only thing I can change is me.”
  • “I have a feeling of well being and trust in these services and always look forward to my sessions which I can’t say about other programs. I feel in control of the decisions I make, I don’t feel like I’ve blown it after a social event/evening out.”
  • “I felt that I’d really found a place of hope. I began to believe that I really could release the weight and change my life. The biggest change of all is being able to actually ‘see’ myself at my ideal weight. The program has also offered me many tools to use in lieu of food to de-stress or to ‘check in’ with what might be going on.”

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Seattle Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Seattle weight loss hypnosis works!

Hypnobehavioral and hypnoenergetic therapy in the treatment of obese women: a pragmatic randomized clinical trial

Int J Clin Exp Hypn.: “This study compared the effectiveness of hypnobehavioral therapy (HypBe) and HypBe enhanced by elements of energetic psychotherapy (hypnoenergetic therapy, HypEn) for obese women. Sixty clients were randomized to either HypBe or HypEn. Body weight, BMI, eating behavior, and body concept were assessed at baseline, posttreatment, and at a follow-up. Mixed ANOVA models and effect sizes were used for statistics. Both treatments improved weight, BMI, eating behavior, and some aspects of body concept. Improvements in eating behavior and body concept were higher for those who also lost weight (responders). Weight and BMI reductions were not significantly different for the HypEn versus HypBe groups at follow-up.” Read Hypnobehavioral and hypnoenergetic therapy in the treatment of obese women: a pragmatic randomized clinical trial


Everything You Need to Know About Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Shape, by Charlotte Hilton Andersen:

“Hypnosis isn’t meant to be a “diet” but rather one tool to help you be successful with eating nutritious food and exercising, says Tracy Stein, PhD, MPH, a health psychologist ASCH-certified in clinical hypnosis and the former Director of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University. “Hypnosis helps people experience in a multi-sensory way what it feels like when they are strong, fit and in control and to overcome their mental barriers to achieving those goals,” she says. “Hypnosis can specifically help people resolve the underlying psychological problems causing them to hate exercise, experience intense cravings, binge at night, or eat mindlessly. It helps them identify the triggers and disarm them.”

In fact, it’s helpful to not think of hypnosis as a diet at all, says Joshua E. Syna, MA, LCDC, a certified hypnotherapist at the Houston Hypnosis Center. “It works because it changes their way of thinking about food and eating, and it allows them to learn to be more calm and relaxed in their lives. So instead of food and eating being an emotional solution, it becomes an appropriate solution to hunger, and new patterns of behavior are developed that enable the person to deal with emotions and life,” he explains. “Hypnosis works for weight loss because it enables the person to separate food and eating from their emotional life.”‘ Read Everything You Need to Know About Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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I am effortlessly maintaining my perfect body weight.

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