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Its been a bunch of months since I’ve mentioned stop smoking hypnosis. I have a 20-year collection of packs of cigarettes and lighters that people have left with me at the beginning of their hypnosis for stop smoking sessions. From the feedback that I have received, more than 80% of these people never smoked again. The common theme that I have heard from people who did start again is alcohol. After a few drinks they see someone smoking and think that they can have just one. Fortunately, many of these people call me and comeback in one more time and then remain smoke free.

Here is how it works:

  1. First session 90 minutes: You have your last smoke before entering my office and you leave as a non-smoker. You will receive stress reduction and other techniques to support you and you will  experience hypnosis.
  2. Second session 55 minutes: You learn the Light Switch Self-hypnosis and experience hypnosis.
  3. Third session 55 minutes: You learn how to give yourself hypnosis suggestions and you experience hypnosis.

You will also receive a book and Stop Smoking MP3 Hypnosis Downloads.

Stop smoking hypnosis really does work. The best reason to quit smoking is because you are sick and tired of it – you are tired of being a slave to cigarettes. If this describes you, give me a call or email me now and lets get you scheduled so that every breath you take fills you with harmony and peace.

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Every breath I take fills me with harmony and peace.

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