At the Seattle weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ I have witnessed the impact that diet and exercise can have on diabetes. I have also over the years witnessed the impact that hypnosis for weight loss can have in facilitating weight loss and in recovering from diabetes. Learn more about weight loss hypnosis with my hypnosis download. It’s time – lose weight, Seattle, NOW!

According to a Reuters post, Diabetes Can Be Delayed With Diet, Exercise. People on the brink of developing diabetes who get a lot of support and encouragement to diet and exercise can turn things around and avoid the disease.

Millions of people could delay diabetes for years and possibly prevent the disease altogether if they lost a modest amount of weight through diet and increased physical activity. People can lose weight, and this weight loss is accompanied by a lowering of their rate of diabetes. Read Diabetes Can Be Delayed With Diet, Exercise.

November has been Diabetes Awareness month. You may also want to watch  Halting Diabetes with a Vegan Diet, Dr. Neal Barnard.

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