At Seattle weight loss I know that you have to watch the salt, especially with processed food and restaurant meals. If you crave salt or think that you just have to have it the learn how to hypnotize yourself and use self-hypnosis to end your unhealthy cravings. If you choose to let it, hypnotherapy can work for you. Hypnosis weight control works for more than just weight loss. Get your free hypnosis download and learn about how you can be using hypnosis in your life.

MSNBC’s Matt Lauer interviews the author of Eat This Not That, David Zinczenko, about the amount of salt in food. The American Heart Association recommends about 2300 mg (about 1 teaspoon) of sodium per day.  the problem is that some restaurant meals may have 6,000 t0 8,000 MG per day – about 3 days worth in one meal. 80% of the food we eat is from processed food and restaurants. One of the problems is that salt is about the cheapest condiment available.

If you can taste the salt, it is too much and you are being short-changed nutritionally. So check this out: Red Lobster’s Admiral Feast has 2 full days worth of sodium (the equivalent to 7 orders of large onion rings.) Chills Mexican buffalo chicken fajitas have 3 full days (6,846 mg) worth of salt. The Hormel chili 98% fat free turkey with beans in a can has 2500 mg of salt, exceeding the daily limit, (equal to 4 large salted pretzels). P.F. Chang’s hot & sour soup bowl has 6,878 mg sodium (equal to eating more than 200 salted sodium crackers.

You can watch the interview with David Zinczenko, Eat This Not That, How Much Salt Are you Really Eating?, Stop Salt and Too Much Of It with Diet Hypnosis and read Salt’s OK? by Dr. John McDougall.

I used to use lots of salt, but I have discovered to love the natural flavors of food and self-hypnosis helped me make that change.

Learn how to hypnotize yourself so that you can easily watch the salt. At Seattle weight loss I teach all my clients how to use self-hypnosis to make changes in their life. Hypnosis weight control is proven to work for weight loss. Find out how you can be using hypnotherapy in your life with my free hypnosis download.

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I love the natural flavors of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

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