The-Seattle-weight-loss-solution-is-self-hypnosisAt Seattle weight loss Roger Moore knows that the lasting solution to weight loss is self hypnosis. When you learn hypnosis using my Slender For Life™ technique, eating exactly the right amount of food to meet your body’s needs can be effortless.

I had the opportunity recently to talk to someone who lost over 75 pounds 8 years ago using Slender For Life™ self hypnosis solution. He assured me that he uses hypnosis several times a day, everyday to maintain his healthy ideal weight.

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The solution is self-hypnosis

Every once in awhile, the phone rings and I hear a former client say, “Roger, I’ve put on weight, I am out of control, I need to get back in there.” I always ask, “Are you using your self-hypnosis?” Not once have I ever heard the answer “Yes.” The answer is always “No.” It seems that human behavior is such that we stop doing what works for us when we get comfortable—when we’ve met our goal— and then we wonder why we’re in trouble.

You may not realize it, but we move from one trance to another trance all day long. You naturally enter into trance when you are bored and when you daydream. There are TV trances—the advertisers count on it—and of course driving trances. I bet you’ve had the experience of driving a familiar route and suddenly realizing you have no memory of how you got where you are. You were driving in a trance state, induced by the lulling of the motion and sounds of your car. Then there’s the trance that we all experienced as school children staring out our school room windows. Even our negative self-talk such as: I’m not good enough, I’m too fat, I’m too old, too young, not smart enough or whatever our negative myths may be, are also trances.

We do want to fit in, we need to belong, and the trance to be like everyone else is powerful. When others are dining on high-fat, high-sugar foods and high-alcohol gourmet meals, we want to do that too, and then we end up overweight. And then there are food trances. Eating too much too fast, losing yourself in chocolate trances, cookie trances, crackers and cheese trances.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I, or any other hypnotherapist, can only be your tour guide. I cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do. If I gave you the suggestion to rob a bank and bring me the cash, the only way you would ever entertain the suggestion is if you were already a bank robber. And if you were to really follow through on it, you still wouldn’t bring me the cash. In order for hypnosis to work, the client and the therapist must be in agreement about the suggestion before it is made.

Hypnosis is not being out of control or being controlled by someone else.

With hypnosis you are not behaving gullibly, you are not weak minded or unconscious. Hypnosis is an awake state, a state of relaxation, and it is imaginative exercise for your mind. Hypnosis is bringing your conscious mind and subconscious mind into rapport. Hypnosis is the ultimate form of self-control. Far from reflecting any mental deficiency, the ability to be hypnotized is a positive measure. The more intelligent you are, the easier it is for you to enter into hypnosis.

I teach clients a one-minute self-hypnosis technique allowing them to take back the power in their lives. The power they gave away to food, to people, to work and to living a full life. Hypnosis is about taking back your power. Every person I am in contact with who has successfully used the Slender For Life™ program assures me they use self-hypnosis several times a day, every day.

From Becoming Slender For Life,
second edition, pages 7 – 8

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I eat exactly the right amount of food for my body’s needs.

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