I was excited when Whole Foods Market opened close to my Seattle weight loss office and I am even more excited to learn of their Healthy Eating Education initiative. At Slender For Life™, you can discover the power of hypnosis trance to change your eating habits, lose weight and improve your health. Weight loss hypnosis is proven to be effective for weight loss. Learn how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis and make positive changes in your life. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and it’s hypnosis CD set can guide you to your weight loss success.

John Mackey, Whole Foods Market Inc.’s founder and chief executive, plans a “revolution” at Whole Foods to encourage customers and employees to attack the nation’s obesity rate, the prevalence of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Mr. Mackey, Founder and CEO of Whole Foods, is now a vegan who shuns vegetable oils. He has lost weight and lowered his cholesterol. This fall, the grocer will return to its roots as a health food store, edging away from a fourteen-year shift to prepared and processed foods. “We’ve decided if Whole Foods doesn’t take a leadership role in educating people about a healthy diet, who the heck is going to do it?” The biggest thing that is going to happen is beginning in the fall. We’re going to begin a Healthy Eating Education initiative.

In a wide ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal at Whole Foods‘ Austin, Texas, headquarters, Mr. Mackey made clear a personal decision to shun refined fats precipitated the call to arms, and he outlined his plan to make his employees the vanguard to leading customers to healthier lifestyle.

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