Did you know that self-hypnosis for exercise may help prevent incontinence from prostrate surgery? Hypnosis is the perfect tool for exercise motivation and new studies are showing the benefits of exercise in the recovery from prostrate cancer surgery. Hypnotherapy may also be beneficial in the recovery from cancer surgery. And of course, hypnosis is the perfect tool for weight loss.

In a Reuters Health article, Exercise May Prevent Incontinence From Prostate Surgery,A healthy weight and regular exercise may help protect men from one of the most common side effects of prostate cancer surgery, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that among 165 men who had their prostate glands removed due to cancer, those who were not obese and were getting regular exercise before surgery had the lowest prevalence of long-term urinary incontinence.

What’s more, even among obese men, those who had been physically active before surgery were less likely to be incontinent one year after surgery.

Overall, the researchers found that obese, sedentary men had the highest rate of long-term incontinence, at 41 percent. Active, non-obese men had the lowest rate, at 16 percent. Read: Exercise May Prevent Incontinence From Prostate Surgery. Also read Self-hypnosis For Exercise Can Benefit Men With Prostate Cancer.

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