Self-hypnosis for pain control

With our growing opioid crisis self-hypnosis for pain control is becoming more recognized in the medical community as a effective treatment.

I can teach you the self-hypnosis skills to powerfully use your brain to control the way your brain feels and functions. One of of 3 Americans has an opiate prescription. 64,00 people died in 2016 from drug overdose.

Studies show that self-hypnosis for pain control is more effective and longer lasting than prescription medications.

If you are living with chronic pain, hypnosis help for pain control is here for you.

Since 1997, I have successfully taught self-hypnosis for pain control to people in my office in the Seattle Medical Dental Building, my Bainbridge Island office, several hospitals, cancer treatment centers and in more recent years across the U.S. and in several countries by meeting online. No matter where you may be, I can help you to learn self-hypnosis for pain control.

self hypnosis could help curb the opioid crisis

Replacing opioids with hypnosis for pain treatment

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But does self hypnosis help patients cope with pain and can it be used for chronic pain? According to Spiegel’s studies, the answers are yes. In his studies of women with metastatic breast cancer, the patients who used self-hypnosis reported half the level of pain as women in the control group and (to Spiegel’s surprise) they lived about 18 months longer.”

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