The Chilly Hilly is Sunday, February 28, 2010, and just like many of the Olympian’s, I’m doing my self-hypnosis to prepare. Using hypnotherapy allows me to prepare mentally and emotionally for this ride. Learn hypnosis and improve your performance in sports, work, wellness and life. Find out how at Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis.

What’s a Chilly Hilly?! The Chilly Hilly is the annual 33 mile bicycle ride around Bainbridge Island that occurs the last Sunday of February – rain or shine. It’s the Cascade Bicycle Club‘s kick-off to cycling here in the Puget Sound – the beginning of preparing for the STP (Seattle to Portland ride in July which I plan to do) and the RSVP (Ride Seattle to Vancouver and Party which is in August).

The Chilly Hilly is a challenging 33 miles of long and sometimes steep hills that draws over 3000 riders each year. I love to watch the cyclists in all their colorful gear come off the ferry and circle the island. Here on Bainbridge we have few bike lanes and our roads can be rough and narrow which adds to the challenge of an 8% grade.

I must admit that I have never actually ridden in the event even though I ride the route at least once each month. (I have registered previous years, ridden the route in the sun the weekend before only to have it rain the day of the actual event – so I wimp out and stay at home.) My hope for this weekend is to have a dry ride.

If you paid attention during the Olympics you might have noticed that many of the athletes used some form of hypnotherapy for their events. I love watching them visualize at the start of the Half Pipe! That’s how I start out every bike ride, every spin class, every workout at the gym.

I give my self suggestions, I use self-hypnosis and I visualize the outcome. If the ride is about speed, I visualize a fast and safe ride. If it’s about strength and endurance, then I see myself riding up long hills in the saddle (and not in the granny gear).

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My body is a powerful endurance machine.

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