I’ve been thinking more about the idea that weight loss is really leadership of self and I of course believe that self-hypnosis is the best method of self-leadership. As I was riding my bike last Friday I recalled an old blog post from when Luna was a pup (she’s now 3) that I wrote about Weight Loss Leadership.

What happened to that cute puppy?

Weight Loss Leadership

One of my clients who is so excited because he is just about to drop below 300# asked if I have ever noticed what fat people put in their grocery carts. He described walking through the grocery store and Costco and looking in people’s grocery carts. I giggled as this man talked about the hot dogs, bricks of cheese, chips, sodas, sugar-coated cereal, muffins, ice cream and Snickers Bars that filled overweight people’s carts. He recognized that was his old out-of-control behavior as he looked into his cart filled with vegetables, fruit and whole grains. This client has taken the leadership role for himself.

Read Weight Loss Leadership

Are you willing to become a leader of self? Are you ready to change your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviors? Are you ready to create a new relationship with yourself and a new relationship with food? If you are, learn self-hypnosis and begin be a loving and dynamic leader of you.

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I think, act, and talk like a leader.

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