Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis

I received another phone call this week from someone suffering with chronic pain multiple sclerosis. She wanted to know if hypnosis for multiple sclerosis could help with the burning and stabbing pain that she experiences.

We discussed the discomfort that she was experiencing and she shared that she experienced irritability, numbness and muscle rigidity. She lives in Europe and so we discussed the time differences and found a time of day that would work for both of us and ascertained that her lap top had a web cam and microphone so that we can meet online via Adobe Connect.

We both asked more questions about each other and we agreed to schedule her first session. I emailed her forms to complete and return to me. I sent her the link to Orange Blossom and asked that she listen daily for two weeks beginning that same day. I look forward to our first session this week.

Hypnosis is not a cure for MS, but it can be a way of managing changes, both physical and how you feel as a person.

Hypnotherapy can help with fatigue management, loss of confidence, fear of being dependent, change in abilities and loss of identity, pain, sleeping problems, fear of the future, anxiety, deep relaxation and reduction of stress, urinary and bowel issues.

Your body inherently seeks health and balance. Your body was made to be healthy and it was made to heal. Your body can rejuvenate and repair itself even the face of adversity.

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Modern medical science confirms that the immune system does interact with the central nervous system with mutual influence.

Your brain and your immune system are connected. Hypnosis has been shown to therapeutically influence your immune system.

As an experienced Health Care Support Hypnotherapist, I can teach you the medical hypnosis skills to improve your life. If you are living with MS or other autoimmune disease, call or email me now and learn how hypnosis help can be available to you.

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A Comparison of Self-Hypnosis Versus Progressive Muscle Relaxation in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain

“Most of the participants in both conditions reported that they continued to use the skills they learned in treatment and experienced pain relief when they did so. General hypnotizability was not significantly related to treatment outcome, but treatment-outcome expectancy assessed before and after the first session was. The results support the efficacy of self-hypnosis training for the management of chronic pain in persons with MS.

Preliminary evidence suggests that self-hypnosis training could potentially benefit persons with MS and chronic pain, supporting the need for controlled trials to examine this approach”

Internet Hypnosis Sessions

The Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office is available for you no matter where you may live. All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone or a smart phone or tablet and high-speed internet.

A typical online client can be someone that lives in a few blocks from my office but is unable or too busy to travel, someone that lives in another state, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa, Guam, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

My youngest online client was 8 and my oldest is 92. No matter where you may live, you too can benefit from hypnosis.

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