Practice self-hypnosis

The seventh step to permanent weight control in my book, Becoming Slender For Life is Practice self-hypnosis. If you have spent anytime with me, you know that I believe that hypnosis really is all about taking control of the trance you are in. Hypnosis isn’t at all about being out of control. Self-hypnosis is the ultimate display of control.

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Practice self-hypnosis

The seven steps to permanent
weight control

Seventh step: Practice self-hypnosis

Learn and practice self-hypnosis so you are empowered for the rest of your life to remain in control of your habits and emotional stress. After you’ve been using self-hypnosis for one month, you should begin to recognize changes in your attitude and behavior. Self- hypnosis is easy to learn and use, and it’s natural and completely safe. Self-hypnosis is your course correction. Just as the airplane is constantly making course corrections flying from Seattle to Phoenix, you will also need to make course corrections throughout your life.

Self-hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool for staying the course toward your goals. You will also discover that you use self-hypnosis less and less about eating carrots and exercise and more and more with issues such as happy, healthy, loving relationships; feeling calm and at ease at work; and being present and conscious in your body. When you are living consciously and creating your life goals, eating and exercise come naturally.

Becoming Slender For Life, page 210

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I am in control with self-hypnosis.

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