This hypnosis MP3 download will help you overcome the false promise of sex addiction. Just craving the next ‘sex fix’ and not caring how you get it can put you and other people at risk. Sex addiction like any addiction can begin to take over your life and, more that that, start to ruin your life. Sex addiction is more than just having a strong sex drive. Sex addiction becomes all encompassing and stops you thinking about and doing other things. It takes over your life. Are you struggling with sexual addiction and or addiction to pornography? Hypnosis can help. Since 1996 in the Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices I have been coaching men and women in overcoming sex and porn addiction. Learn self hypnosis and take control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Overcome Sex Addiction is this weeks featured affiliate hypnosis MP3 download from the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Overcome Sex Addiction

This session will show you how to overcome sex addiction so that desire for sex takes its proper place in your life but stops being your life. You can still be a sexual person but also develop other aspects of your self – after all, who wants to be one dimensional? Overcome Sex Addiction is an affiliate product of HypnosisDownloads.

Download the Overcome Sex Addiction hypnosis session now and start living your life in truly satisfying ways.

Use hypnosis and give yourself permission to change. You may having been using compulsive sexual activity as a way of escaping other things in your life or of giving you a sense of meaning. The fact is that addiction; any addiction doesn’t work as a ‘fix all’. After the come down when the deed has been done, your life still has its same issues to be dealt with. So the ‘promise’ of sexual addiction is actually a lie because it doesn’t solve anything at all.

With hypnosis help  you can make positive changes any time and any where when you learn self hypnosis. If you live too far from Seattle or Bainbridge Island you can benefit from addiction hypnosis via Skype.

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