On April 6, 2008, PARADE Magazine’s writer Michael O’Shea wrote Need a new incentive to get fit? Let’s see if this gets your attention: Studies show that exercise is a sure route to a better sex life. The benefits—including increased desire, stamina and satisfaction—apply to men and women alike.

Exercise boosts self-esteem, which helps both men and women to feel more desirable—and act accordingly. The more confident you are with your body, the more comfortable you will be with your partner in and out of bed. Exercise also has been proved to help alleviate mild depression, insomnia and stress—all major libido killers.

But the sexual benefits of exercise are definitely not all in your head—and you don’t have to be an Olympic champ to enjoy them. A Harvard study showed that men who exercise three to five hours each week have a 30% lower risk of erectile dysfunction than those who are sedentary. Walking just 30 minutes on most days will have a positive effect, and starting at any age provides benefits. Short, intense bouts of exercise also increase the level of testosterone in men, which in turn increases sexual desire and performance. A study done at the University of Texas at Austin showed that women are more sexually responsive after just 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. Researchers believe that, in both men and women, improved blood flow and circulation play a key role.

Hypnosis is effective not only in creating motivation to exercise but hypnotherapy also with improving self-esteem and with increasing your libido. Self hypnosis can improve your well being physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Exercising together can set the mood for romance. 

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