It’s Christmas and you may be feeling like you are a shopaholic. You buy for family and friends and then you find a good deal on something for yourself and, after all, you  “deserve” to have it after all the buying you have done for everyone else. When you get home you realize that you spent more than you had planned. That doesn’t automatically make you a shopaholic, but it may be worth considering. Shopaholics are people who suffer from what has become termed ‘Compulsive Shopping Addiction‘. Compulsive shoppers buy more than they need and spend more money than they can afford, in an effort to make themselves feel better. Hypnosis can help you put an end to out of control buying. Shopping Addiction is this weeks featured HypnosisDownloads affiliate hypnosis MP3 download found in the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Shopping Addiction Causes More Pain Than Pleasure

Like any addiction, shopaholics soon find that compulsive shopping takes away more than it gives back. These are the sort of things that shopaholics often experience:

  • Shopping to improve mood
  • Getting a good feeling when making a purchase, but feeling bad soon after
  • Possessing many items that have never been used or worn
  • Suffering with a large and increasing debt, but still shopping compulsively
  • Feeling depressed after a big shopping trip

As with all addictions, shopping tends to meet a need that is missing elsewhere in the shopaholics life. Overcome Shopping Addiction will help you meet your needs in a more healthy way. Download it below and escape the clutches of compulsive shopping.

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Download Shopping Addiction

Do you buy stuff to feel good? Do you have too much stuff? Clothes you’ve never warn, gadgets you’ve never used? Hypnosis can help you be in control of you. Compulsive shopping is generally shopping that is unnecessary. As you clear out the things you don’t need, you will start to appreciate the things you do need. People who shop compulsively often experience euphoria, similar to that experienced by drug users. But pleasure can be experienced in many everyday situations. Start to notice what makes you feel good, without the intensity of shopping. If you slip and buy something you don’t need, don’t stash it away. Return it for a refund as soon as possible, and don’t buy anything else with the money. Remember, hypnosis is the ultimate display of self-control.

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