Changing Pain with Daniel F, Cleary is another one of my favorite shows on Hypnosis Health Radio. If you are living with pain or work with people who are in chronic pain, this show is for you. Hypnosis is used in medical facilities throughout the world for pain control. You can learn self-hypnosis for pain management.

Show #15: Changing Pain – June 3, 2008

My guest is Daniel F. Cleary, an internationally recognized certified hypnosis instructor and a certified master practitioner of neurolinguistic psychology. Dan specializes in pain relief and pain management. Much of Dan’s work is based from his own experience after his right arm was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident which resulted in severe chronic pain. Dan Cleary’s Little Book of Change and Changing Pain are available here at Hypnosis Health Info.

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Pain has a purpose – to get your attention. With self hypnosis, you really can change the pain and put an end to your suffering. Learn hypnosis and make suffering optional in your life. You really can change and make your life better.

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