My friend Sue Hull and I discuss Dental Hypnosis on Show # 20 of Hypnosis Health Radio. For much of my life I was downright terrified of going to the dentist. The images in my mind were nothing less than The Little Shop of Horrors.  I went for more than 13 years without a dental visit due to my fear. Several years ago thanks to hypnosis, I was able to go to the dentist and be calm and relaxed. I have been to my dentists twice each year ever since and have on more than one occasion dosed through the appointment – now that is relaxed. If you have dental fear, hypnotherapy can change your life.

Show #20: Dental Hypnosis

Hear how self-hypnosis can make dental procedures stress free. Overcome your fears of the dentist’s office with hypnotherapy.

Listen to Show #20: Dental Hypnosis

If you have fear of the dentist, fear of other medical procedures, or generally live with fear and anxiety, contact me. You can overcome your fears and anxiety like I did with hypnosis. It truly is life changing to be able to overcome fear when you learn self-hypnosis.

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