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Understanding hypnosis and trance is important for dispelling the fears of hypnocontrol have been perpetuated by the media for a long time. George Du Maurier (1834-1896) wrote a novel, Trilby, about hypnocontrol. In the novel, Svengali, a character, used cruel domination of his hapless hypnotic suspect. In fact, in the late 19th century, both natural split personalities and artificial personality splitting (by suggested amnesia under hypnosis) were hot new items in psychological research. The unknowing young female in the novel was subjected to such artificially-split personality. The continuance of this myth has carried on in recent movies about vampires and a relatively recent Woody Allen movie where the character was induced by hypnosis to burglarize homes. Unfortunately for the public, these myths have greatly hurt the reputation of hypnotherapists. Fortunately today, hypnosis is becoming known world-wide for its professional use in medical clinics and hospitals. People are learning self-hypnosis and igniting their power to heal.

Show #21: Understanding Hypnosis & Trance

Learn more about hypnosis – what it is and what it isn’t, with Dr. Tim Brunson, DCH and Dr. Roger Moore, PhD. Hear some of the many uses of self-hypnosis and possibilities for the future of hypnotherapy. Read Understanding Hypnosis & Trance with Dr. Tim Brunson & Dr. Roger Moore.

Show #21: Understanding Hypnosis & Trance

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