Molly Gordon

What an honor it was for me to have my friend Molly Gordon, author of The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur, as my guest on Hypnosis Health Radio. “Ummm, excuse me, but… Wasn’t working for yourself supposed to be a good thing? (You wanted flexibility, not frenzy. It wasn’t about the money, but some days that’s all you seem to think about. And though you’re proud of your work, sometimes you make promises that are almost impossible to keep. Is there a way to work for yourself and not go broke or crazy?)” If this describes you, listen to The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur.

Show #8: The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur

Molly Gordon is an internationally recognized Master Certified Coach, writer, and workshop leader. She is the creator of Authentic Promotion®, a marketing program that reconciles conflicts between doing good business and good work. If you have goals to achieve, this is the program for you.

Listen to show #8: The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for overcoming limiting beliefs that hold us back from success. If you are self-employed, thinking of becoming self-employed or not living up to your potential at work, find out how you can learn self-hypnosis and liberate energy in your life.

Watch The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur with Molly Gordon & Roger Moore


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