A simple way to get kids to eat more vegetablesMoms and Dads frequently are asking me for simple ways to get their kids to eat more vegetables. Well, researchers at Texas A & M have figured out that when veggies are on the plate with something less appetizing, the kids are more likely to eat the vegetables. So, if you put liver and broccoli on your child’s plate, they are more likely to eat the broccoli – I know that I certainly would!

While healthy school lunches are certainly critical, bringing and end to childhood obesity is a family affair. It requires that families have healthy plant based meals and snacks. It requires that Mom and Dad eat healthy and that they are active and engage their kids in being physically active. One of the great pleasures of my profession is teaching hypnosis to families. Even young children can learn self hypnosis. When hypnosis is a family affair, making healthy choices and being active can be easy.

Researchers have discovered a surprisingly simple way to get kids to eat more veggies

Researchers at Texas A&M University, looking for patterns in food consumption among elementary school children, found an interesting quirk about when and why kids choose to eat their vegetables. After analyzing plate waste data from nearly 8,500 students, it seems there’s at least one variable that tends to affect whether kids eat their broccoli, spinach or green beans more than anything: what else is on the plate.

Kids, in short, are much more likely to eat their vegetable portion when it’s paired with a food that isn’t so delicious it gets all the attention. When chicken nuggets and burgers, the most popular items among schoolchildren, are on the menu, for instance, vegetable waste tends to rise significantly. When other less-beloved foods, like deli sliders or baked potatoes, are served, the opposite seems to happen.

Read Researchers have discovered a surprisingly simple way to get kids to eat more veggies

I’ve written previously about the importance of involving children in their food and about the importance of making food fun. When kids are involved in the growing, shopping, preparing and serving food, they are more likely to enjoy eating it. I love it when I see Dads and Moms teaching their children how to choose fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market.

Childhood obesity is reversible and preventable. Change begins with each of us being responsible for our own healthcare reform. Learn self hypnosis and make it easier for you to live a healthy plant based lifestyle and be physically active.

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