Here are some simple tips to improve the quality of your sleep and free self-hypnosis techniques that you can use to help you sleep. Here at Seattle Hypnosis Health Info you can learn how to hypnotize yourself and Sleep, Sleep, Sleep…..!

Deb Zucker, N.D., L.M.P., a naturopathic physician at Bastyr Center for Natural Health wrote in the Seattle PI that “One of the most fundamental things we can do to support the long-term health of our bodies is to get a good night’s sleep. While we sleep, our bodies are regenerating tissues, breaking down fats, normalizing blood sugar, and cleansing our blood and tissues of toxins. Sleep promotes optimal concentration and memory, increased stress tolerance, reduced muscle tension, improved immune function, balanced moods, and increased energy. It is counterproductive to sacrifice sleep in order to ‘get things done.'”

Moore On Hypnosis gives you free self-hypnosis techniques so you can learn how to hypnotize yourself for sleep, weight loss, stopping smoking, stress reduction and to achieve any other goal that you may have. Learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis – you can sleep like a baby!

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I release tension throughout the day to improve my quality of sleep.

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