Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol …and Sugar? is this weeks video clip from The Skinny on Obesity. 80% of the food in our grocery stores is laced with sugar and it is making us fat, sick, broke and is weakening our national defense. Our nation has a $65 billion dollar reduction in productivity due to obesity. There is a 50% increase in absenteeism due to obesity. We face $147 billion dollars in health care costs each year due to obesity. Our latest national security threat is obesity. I offer a healthy and realistic solution in my Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis offices and world wide via Skype. If you are ready for long lasting weight loss, discover the Slender For Life™ behavioral change weight loss program.

The Skinny on Obesity: Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol..and Sugar?

This week we wrap up “The Skinny on Obesity” series with an argument for why obesity is a public health and economic threat that’s worthy of the same treatment as other public health problems like smoking and drug abuse. For our experts, nothing short of wholesale change in what we expect from the food industry will make a dent in America’s obesity problem.

Some might call Dr. Lustig’s argument for the regulation of sugar as the creation of a “nanny state,” but he insists that food manufacturers already benefit tremendously from government subsidies and have limited consumer choice to predominantly high-sugar foods– precisely how we got so fat in the first place. It’s a provocative argument and one worth hearing out. Watch “The Skinny on Obesity: Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol..and Sugar?

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Even if you are not overweight, obesity affects you. As a nation, we cannot afford to continue subsidizing food manufactures that are killing us with processed food. If you are not concerned, perhaps you should be.

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