Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, my hypnosis CD gets rave reviews from most who use it. Hypnotherapy isn’t just for weight loss or stop smoking, you can learn how to do hypnosis for most anything. Hypnosis uses the power of your subconscious mind. You can use hypnosis mind control and change your life. Learning self-hypnosis is easy here at Hypnosis Health Info. Here is what one Seattle hypnosis client had to say:

August 10, 2009
Dear Roger,

Last Thursday when I was in I purchased Sleep, Sleep, Sleep from you.  You may recall that for years I have had difficulty falling asleep and when I did it was restless sleep. I always woke up in the morning tired and exhausted.

Thursday night after reading snuggled in bed next to my husband, I turned out the lights, put in my ear buds with no expectation that this would help. I’m not sure how long I lasted, I t wasn’t long.  When I woke up in the morning my ear buds were in  my hand and for the first time in years felt excited about getting up.

Friday night and Saturday night were similar experiences. Over the weekend I and my family, couldn’t believe the difference in my attitude and energy level.

Last night, my husband and I were in bed reading. He said I read about ten minutes before falling asleep. (that just never happens to me!) He took my book and my glasses and turned out the lights. I woke up this morning feeling great. This is so unbelievable to me! I am thrilled and excited.

If this is what happens with sleep, which isn’t why I came to see you, I can’t wait to get going with Slender For Life™!

Thank you so much Roger!



If you can’t sleep, then get your copy of Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, a hypnosis MP3 here at Hypnosis Health Info. Learn self-hypnosis for weight loss, stop smoking and most anything else. At Seattle hypnosis you can use the power of your subconscious mind. Change your life with hypnosis mind control. For more on how to do hypnosis, read Moore On Hypnosis.

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I sleep soundly and restfully throughout the night.

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