At Slender For Life™ I support upping fiber intake for weight loss. In my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices and with on-line hypnosis I frequently talk with clients about the importance of eating fiber. With weight loss hypnosis you can end desires for junk food and create a healthy desire for vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Hypnosis for weight loss really can work, I know, I lost over 100 pounds with hypnosis and I have kept it off with self-hypnosis for over 14 years. Are you skeptical about hypnotherapy? Do you wonder if you can even be hypnotized? Then get my hypnosis course. It is a free hypnosis download.

Reuters posted on October 29, 2009, a study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, November 2009, titled Upping Fiber Intake Could Help Defeat Belly Fat. Eating just a little bit more fiber could have a big impact in trimming the waistlines of America’s young people, new research shows.
Latino adolescents and teens who increased their fiber intake over a two-year period had significant decreases in the amount of fat around their waists, while young people whose fiber intake fell saw their bellies expand.

The study was looking at belly fat, which is the most dangerous type of body fat. Fatter waistlines increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Fiber intake fell by 3 grams per 1,000 calories consumed, on average, for 46 of the study participants, while it increased by the same average amount for the remaining 35.

Belly fat increased 21 percent for the study participants who were eating less fiber, but the young people who upped their fiber intake had a 4 percent reduction in belly fat. Even slight decreases in dietary fiber are having a pretty significant metabolic impact. The recommended fiber intake for young people is 14 grams per 1,000 calories consumed, or about 25 to 30 grams daily.

Based on the current findings increasing fiber intake by six grams a day — the amount found in half a cup of beans or a single whole-wheat tortilla — could have a significant impact on young people’s belly fat. That’s not an unrealistic goal for kids to set. People of any age who want to boost their fiber intake need to take a careful look at food labels, Just because it says ‘whole wheat’ or ‘multigrain’ doesn’t mean it’s a good source of fiber. People think if it’s brown, if it’s wheat, it’s good, but not necessarily. Instead, people should check the Nutrition Facts label to see how many grams of fiber per serving the food actually contains. Read Upping Fiber Intake Could Help Defeat Belly Fat.

They are so right that “just because it says ‘whole wheat’ or ‘multigrain’ doesn’t mean it’s a good source of fiber.” I love that Jeff Novick says never, ever believe what’s on the front of a package so be sure to read Weight Loss – Reading Labels.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is an excellent way to end those crazy making junk food cravings. With weight loss hypnosis you can create a healthy desire for vegetables, whole grains and fruit – all excellent sources of fiber.

My free hypnosis download explains hypnotherapy and if you are wondering if you can be hypnotized, click here. Hypnosis is proven to work for weight loss and with self-hypnosis you have a powerful tool to create positive changes for your life.

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I make sure that I eat plenty of fiber every day.

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