I hope that you are finding value in reading the prologue to the updated 2nd edition of Becoming Slender For Life. My son Josh and I are hopefully having a great time in the Olympic Mountains backpacking and we should be arriving home sometime this evening.

I remember in my sophomore year in college, I took a Zen Buddhism and Christianity course at Bethel College (now Bethel University) in St. Paul, Minnesota. In this course we read about the desire to bolt. It took me years to realize just how powerful this desire to bolt—to escape—really is. I see it from time to time with Slender For Life™ (and stop smoking) clients who just sort of disappear. They fail to show up one day for their session. They never return my calls and emails, and I never hear from them again. They’ve bolted. But where I really see it is in my own daily life and in the stories I hear from clients. I doubt a day goes by that I don’t have an impulse to eat instead of feel. Eating is a form of bolting. If I eat that sweet pastry, or gorge myself at a meal, I won’t have to feel.

In 1985, two of my closest friends and business partners were in a plane crash. Bill died in the crash, Bob died two weeks later. I had a ticket for the flight, but changed my mind and didn’t go. Early in the morning, about an hour before Bob died in a Las Vegas hospital, I went out of his room in the burn unit to the vending machine and bought two packages of Hostess Cupcakes. In a matter of seconds I inhaled all four cupcakes. I just couldn’t deal with the emotional pain anymore and that rush of sugar and fat numbed me out for a few moments.

To be continued tomorrow……

Prologue To The Second Edition

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