This is the final installment of the prologue to the updated 2nd edition of Becoming Slender For Life. I hope that you are ready to lose the weight of the past and live Slender For Life™.

I have never eaten another Hostess Cupcake. But from time to time, I do think about finding one. Fortunately, that sort of desire is a huge wakeup call. It’s an alarm buzzer screeching at me to pay attention, to be mindful, to be conscious of what I am feeling and to allow myself to feel it. When I allow myself to feel the pain, I can grieve, I can hurt, I can be fearful and angry. I can cry and move on to what is next in my life. I no longer have to carry the weight of that pain with me. When I come out on the other side, I again discover the love and joy that’s always been available to me. I tell clients that the self-hypnosis suggestion I give myself most frequently throughout each day is: I am present and conscious in my body.

That simple suggestion reminds me to be aware of my feet on the floor, my butt in the chair and my breath as I exhale. From this place of consciousness and mindfulness, I’m aware of what I’m experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. From this space of awareness I will only eat when I’m physically hungry. If I’m truly physically hungry, I make healthy choices and I only eat enough to meet my body’s needs.

My prayer for you is that you create a new relationship with yourself that is based on this moment—not on some story you lug around from your past. By being in this moment and realizing it’s your own self-limiting beliefs holding you back, you learn to love YOU and learn to treat your body with the grace, compassion and dignity it so richly deserves. This is what Becoming Slender For Life is all about.

My best wishes,

Roger Moore

Prologue To The Second Edition

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I am present and conscious in my body.

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