Slender-in-Seattle-for-lifeRoger Moore at Seattle hypnosis for weight loss is here to support you in becoming Slender For Life™. Since 1997 I have been helping hundreds of people with my Slender For Life™ weight loss program to lose weight and keep it off. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and it’s weight loss hypnosis MP3 downloads help guide you on your daily journey.

If you are sick of diets and deprivation only to gain the weight back, then the Seattle hypnosis with Roger Moore Slender For Life™ program is for you. Call me now to schedule your free weight loss consultation and become Slender For Life™!

Roger Moore, Director, Slender For Life™

roger-moore-hypnotherapist-before-after-weight-lossI used to weigh 260 pounds. I was overweight all my life. When I was heavy I hated to sweat, yet it seemed I was always sweaty. I had folds and creases where dirt and lint collected, sports like skiing were awkward and difficult at best and clothes did not fit me properly. It was even difficult to tie my shoes. Worst of all, people treated me with condescension. Studies have long shown that overweight people are often perceived as less intelligent and that employers often view them as less competent, successful and intelligent than their co-workers. And now results of a five-year study by the British government released in 2006 show that gaining weight can indeed actually lower your intelligence! The study, published in the journal Neurology, found significant reductions in cognitive function for people with a body mass index of 30 or higher.

But now—18 years later and counting—my life barely resembles what it did when I was fat. Today I weigh a healthy 143 pounds. Weight loss hypnosis changed my life! I now love to workout and ride my bike, I climbed Mount Rainier, I’ve completed five marathons and I am a long distance cyclist. Another result of my own journey is that I am passionate about assisting people in getting their excess weight off and keeping it off.

The Slender For Life™ program can work for you too. I am rarely sick, I wear tight fitting clothes, and I now think of myself as a slender person. I am shocked when I see old photos of myself. I love the freedom that I have to hike, run and ride my bike. I have so much energy. Bottom line, I feel so much better about me!

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I remember the pain, suffering and embarrassment of losing weight only to gain it back. I remember how it felt to have my clothes not fit and I hated to be in photos. My blood pressure was high and I was per-diabetic. Because I remember, I am passionate about helping you to achieve your healthy ideal weight. Call before the New Year starts for your free weight loss consultation. You too can effortlessly maintain your healthy ideal weight.

If you are ready to become slender in Seattle, then do it with Seattle hypnosis weight loss specialist Roger Moore.

Check out Seattle hypnosis with Roger Moore and call (206) 903-1232 or email for your free consultation.

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