Crystal After Hypnosis

I Lost 35 Pounds and
I Got My Life Back!

HI. My name is Crystal.  I have three children and  I work at a grocery store. I heard about Slender for Life™. I was skeptical. I had tried to lose weight before with other programs and it just came piling back on. I never got to my goal and ended up gaining even more weight. I used to eat to fill a void in my life. I felt like I was being compared to everyone else. I felt guilty, uncomfortable and slovenly. But, I knew someone who quit smoking with hypnosis so I came in for my free hypnosis consultation.

What Happened… The weight came off perfectly, not so fast as to frighten me and not so slow as to discourage me. I doubted I could take the weight off. I proved myself wrong. With hypnosis for weight loss I did do it. Now I realize that I don’t need to suppress my emotions. I have conquered my demons. I no longer turn to food for solace and I am offering my family a healthier way of life.

Crystal Before Hypnosis

The Benefits… I’m not hiding behind people anymore. So when someone pulls out a camera, I say, “Sure fine, take my picture.” I am now comfortable with who I am. I got myself back! My family and friends have been really great. And, my daughter no longer says ?Mommy, what a nice big butt you have!? Customers say, “WOW!” and my brother says I have my regular body back. This time the weight is staying off!

The Best Part… What’s the best part about Slender For Life™? It works! It’s practically painless. I started making healthier choices without even realizing it. I have more confidence and I am more comfortable with myself. I have a lot more energy and I can keep up with the kids. I feel good about myself and I look good. I give Slender For Life™ all the credit. I wouldn’t have gotten here without it. It can work for you.

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