Lois of Gig Harbor loses 45 pounds & says …

Lois after Slender For Life™Goodbye Size 16
Hello Size 6!

Hi, my name is Lois. I live in Gig Harbor with my husband Karl. I lost 45 pounds with the Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss program. It was quick and Easy.

I gained weight during a year of business travel. Added even more weight after I stopped traveling. I tried to lose it…but nothing worked.

Lois before weight loss hypnosis

I recall ten days on a cruise vacation tugging my shirts down trying to cover the fat. I was embarrassed. My husband and I tried other diets. They didn’t work. I felt hopeless.

We saw the ad about hypnosis and came in for our free consultation. We are not impetuous people. Tend to be skeptical. A program was developed that met our needs. The staff was professional, forthcoming. There was no sales pressure. We signed up.

My food cravings and poor eating habits vanished after that very first session. I gained control. Feel good. Proud of my appearance again.

The self-hypnosis made it easy for both of us. The weight melted off quickly. It was effortless. Karl is now close to reaching his goal.

Our friends and family are asking how we lost the weight. Several of them have started the program themselves. Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis is working for them. It can work for you too. People tell me that I have taken ten years off of my appearance.

From the very first hypnosis session my food cravings were gone. We changed our eating habits. I have had to buy new clothes. I just took 4 inches out of the seam of a pair of my pants.

Slender For Life™ works and it’s affordable. I recommend it to anyone.

If you want to lose weight, call your Slender For Life™ weight loss coach and schedule your no-charge, no obligation consultation now! Tell them Lois sent you.

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