Put your smart phone to work to help you remember to do self-hypnosis. The number one problem that I hear from clients in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices with using hypnosis is that they forget. They know how to use self-hypnosis. They know the value and power of hypnotherapy, but they get caught up in the rush of daily life. At the end of the day, they realize they have only had one session of self-hypnosis and have missed out in its value throughout the day. Sound familiar?

You have got to have reminders. I tell folks that using self-hypnosis is like teeth brushing. Kids generally know how to brush their teeth at age 3 or 4. But most girls don’t start brushing their teeth without reminder until age 9 to 11 and most boys until age 13 – 15. Until then, it is Mom and Dad’s rule. When girls discover boys and boys discover girls – it becomes their rule. That is how it is with hypnosis. People quickly and easily learn how, but it’s Roger’s rule, not theirs. Years ago when I first learned about self-hypnosis, I had sticky-notes in my paper Franklin Planner for 2 full years until I realized I was finally doing it without reminder.

Reminders that have worked the best is to simply put 5 small sticky notes on one side of the bathroom mirror or perhaps 2 on the mirror and 3 on the computer monitor. By the end of the day, all 5 should be moved to the other side. For women, hoop bracelets work great too. Start with 5 bracelets on one wrist and through out the day move them to the other wrist.

Smart phones have given us some great options to support self-hypnosis. Clients have introduced me to several great apps that support self-hypnosis:

Rxmindme – This is a free prescription drug reminder app that you can schedule the times you want the reminders for your Light Switch Self-hypnosis. I have mine set up as Light Switch 1, Light Switch 2, Light Switch 3, Light Switch 4 and Light Switch 5. If I have the sound turned on, it plays a tone, otherwise it just gives me a message on the screen.

Awesome Note – This app allows you to create folders with different titles and colors. I have my folders labeled Exercise, Academics, Work, Personal and Relationships each with its own color. In each folder, I have notes. Each note contains one hypnosis suggestion. This way I easily carry my Written Suggestions with me at all times.

No matter what smart phone you may have, I am sure you can find similar programs that will support you with your self-hypnosis. Remember, hypnosis is all about being in control of you – it is in fact, the ultimate display of control. So why not use self-hypnosis and take charge of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors? It only makes sense to use hypnotherapy.

I have also discovered some other great apps for you to check out.

Dr. McDougall’s Mobile Cookbook – This app is from John McDougall and it is a cookbook of great tasting and healthy recipes. Imagine, being in the grocery store wondering what to cook for dinner. You pull out your iPhone and with a touch you have a cookbook of healthy meals and the ingredients you need to buy.

Waterlogged – this app is way to record the amount of water that you have consumed and serves as your reminder to drink more.

Fooducate – I love this one! This app allows you to scan the bar code of a food item in the grocery store and it will give you feed back on the product. It is a great way to compare the ingredients of various products to help you with your decision as to which one to purchase.

Today, we have amazing technology available to at our finger tips. Put it to good use to support you with your health and wellness. Use self-hypnosis and be in control of you.

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