Socks On The Floor by Susan French is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. When couples come into my Seattle counseling or Bainbridge Island counseling office hurt and mad, they are usually fighting over little things like socks on the floor…yet the wounds are real and the wall built between them can be high and wide and deeply rooted. The reality is that both partners are in pain and wanting to be loved. What are the socks on the floor in your relationship?

Socks On The Floor

It’s amazing how anger and resentment melt away when you really “get” that your partner feels unloved and you “get” that you too are feeling unloved. Then it is easier for it to become reciprocal. The anger and mean-spiritedness seems to fade away of its own accord.

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It is a beautiful thing when partners stop and hear each other and acknowledge the pain without defending their own actions. That is where true communication and healing can begin. You may have a different perspective on the events, but your partners pain is REAL. Your job is to listen and acknowledge your partners pain.

If you are in pain in your relationship, a skilled counselor can help you discover how to heal the wounds and show you how you can truly love each other. It’s the beginning of the Holidays. Why not give your self the gift of an extraordinary relationship?

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I’m giving the gift of love.

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