• diet-sodas-may-double-your-risk-of-obesityAlthough its been 2 years since I last wrote a post about soda, it is still true that soda equals disease. A can of regular soda can contain the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Soda – diet or regular – is acidifying and inflammatory to the body.

Men who daily consume two or more sodas have an 85% higher incidence of developing gout than those who drank less than one soda a month.

People who consume 1 to 2 cans of soda a day or more—have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely have such drinks.Men and women who average one can of soda per day have a 20% higher risk of having a heart attack or dying from a heart attack than people who rarely consume sugary drinks.

Weight gain is a result from drinking both regular and diet soda. Liver damage, tooth decay, kidney stones and chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, gastrointestinal distress and pancreas, urinary and bladder cancer are all related to soda consumption.

The effects of drinking soda or other sugary drinks is so deleterious to your health that is should be illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume. Better yet, soda should be banned in our nation for anyone to consume.

If you are a soda drinker, now is the time for you to reform your healthcare. At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I teach you the hypnosis skills to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

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Change the Tune

Published on Jun 23, 2015: For decades, Coca Cola and other big soda companies have spent billions of dollars trying to convince Americans and citizens around the world that soda equals happiness. Perhaps no other advertisement in history exemplifies that more than the iconic “Hilltop” ad, where singers on a hillside expressed their wish to “buy the world a Coke.”

You might have seen it reappear in the season finale of “Mad Men” on AMC recently.

Well, we thought it would be interesting to see a fresh take on the Hilltop ad—where real people, suffering from real soda-related health problems—could tell their stories. It’s time to change the tune.

Watch Change the Tune

Skyrocketing medical costs resulting from preventable illness and disease that result from lifestyle choices like drinking soda is bankrupting our nation. It is time for healthcare reform. Healthcare reform begins with you living responsibly for your own healthcare.

Your body is your temple, treat it with love. Learn hypnosis, reform your healthcare and love your body.

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My body is my temple, and I treat it with love.

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