Soda linked to an early death

Some of my first blog posts back in 2007 were on the topic of soda linked to an early death. But it’s not just soda that you need to be concerned about.

All of the energy drinks that people consume today are as bad, or perhaps even worse than soda.

There is no getting around it. Beverages laced with sugar and chemicals are unhealthy and unsafe. Drink water.

Soda linked to an early death

There is no such thing as soda health

Once Again Soda Tied to Higher Risk of Early Death

By Serena Gordon, September 3, 2019: “”We found that higher soft drink intake was associated with a greater risk of death from any cause regardless of whether sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened drinks were consumed,” said study senior author Neil Murphy. He’s a scientist with the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France.

“Our results for sugar-sweetened soft drinks provide further support to limit consumption and to replace them with healthier beverages, preferably water,” Murphy said.”

Read: Once Again Soda Tied to Higher Risk of Early Death

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I drink lots of water to cleanse my body and mind.

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